Classically Mild

Sonu Niigaam - Classically Mild

Composer and singer Sonu Nigam is returning to the musical scene with his first non film album. The album called Classically Mild.


01. Sonu Niigaam - Sochta Hoon Main
02. Sonu Niigaam - Bheege Bheege
03. Sonu Niigaam - Soona Soona
04. Sonu Niigaam - Suratiya
05. Sonu Niigaam - Chhalki Chhalki
06. Sonu Niigaam - Dhanya Dhanya
07. Sonu Niigaam - Lamha Lamha
08. Sonu Niigaam - Aai Dil Mat Ro

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Mohan on March 24, 2008 5:09 PM said...

These songs are a good bunch of classical and jazz fusion. Sonu has tried to recreate and redefine his perpective about classical music, which makes it very interesting to hear. Also check this site out for more details about this album

s.j.simon on April 03, 2008 4:51 PM said...

Didn't realize how many songs Sonu has sung in his career. I am a big fan. I found this great site that has tons of songs sung by him. Enjoy!


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